Household Tip: Spring Into Spring Cleaning

Once the warmer spring weather arrives, we often feel the urge to declutter and clean our homes. While tackling the closets and regular cleaning jobs, don't forget to also pay attention to the following places.

The medicine cabinet. It's time to discard old and expired medicines, restock basic supplies and replace any old cosmetics.

Your home office. Besides shredding old bills and discarding physical paper files, give your computer a spring cleaning too by sorting folders, deleting outdated files and backing up important data.

Your laundry room. Whether you live in a house with a dedicated laundry room or in a condo with a stacked washer/dryer in a closet, take the time now to organize this area for maximum efficiency.

Your vehicle. Give your car a spring cleaning too, with a thorough vacuum, wash and wax. Book a spring tune-up and have the air-conditioning, tires and brakes inspected.

Your BBQ. Take apart as much of your grill as possible and clean both inside and out with a citrus-based soap to tackle any old grease. Make sure gas burner holes are clear and able to fire evenly by clearing any clogs with a sewing needle.