Staging for Success

When you decide to put your house or condo up for sale, it's important to take a step back and recognize that you need to shift your perception of your home, and mentally separate the "home" you live in from the "property" you are selling. This can be facilitated through staging.

Staging effectively declutters and depersonalizes your home. While your home reflects your style, personality and family dynamics, the house or condo you are selling should feature a depersonalized, neutral décor. Think of staging as the opposite of decorating, and approach it with the visual of a hotel room that's in pristine condition.

No matter what you currently use different rooms in your home for, before putting it up for sale you'll want to revert rooms back to their intended purpose. In other words, if you're advertising a three-bedroom home, then for the intent of your sale, each of those three bedrooms need to have a bed in it so that it shows as a bedroom — not as a den, office, exercise room or whatever other function you have repurposed that room for.

Remember to listen to your real estate sales representative with their advice on decluttering, repairs, staging and pricing. After all, that's their area of expertise! Because staging also involves a high level of cleaning and decluttering, it also allows you to have your home show-ready at the drop of a hat, in case you need to vacate with short notice.

Staging can set your home apart from other, similar properties, and boost its selling price to the top of the range for comparable homes.