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Could you imagine buying your next house, before even physically stepping foot into it? For any number of reasons, you may find yourself in that position.

In the process of being transferred from one end of the country to the other, and have time and logistical considerations that make it impossible to visit properties in person? Looking to buy an investment property in another province? Online tools allow out-of-country, out-of-town, or even just overly-busy potential buyers to research different neighbourhoods and take virtual tours of different properties to get a good idea of the house or condo that could fit their needs. In cases where a potential buyer is not able to tour the home in person, the benefits of technology are important; however, having a real estate representative physically visit the place, on your behalf, is crucial.

Sounds (would the sound of traffic interfere with your outdoor enjoyment? Would that club across the street keep you up all night? Are you right under an airplane flight path?), smells (does an upwind send the smell of the neighbourhood dump in the direction of the house?) and sights (look at the beautiful park/ broken down housing project across the street) are part of any buyer's home-buying considerations, and the value of having your real estate representative report these to you honestly is crucial when you can't physically be there to check them out yourself. In addition to your trusted real estate representative's opinion, having a professional home inspection conducted will provide peace of mind for you, or at least an honest picture of what's in store once the home is yours.

Please call today for assistance with your own house-hunting dreams!