Your Future Home

Technology is being developed faster than most of us can keep up with these days, and there are so many interesting ways to incorporate it into our homes, whether for our own use or to boost the interest in our house or condo when it comes time to put it on the market. Here are just some ways to update and connect your kitchen with technology.

For a truly connected kitchen, look for new kitchen appliances that offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity features. By connecting them through a digital hub, you'll be able to manage all your connected devices easily and efficiently.

No time to flip through cookbooks to find recipes, then write down the ingredients you need, then physically shop for them? Today you can download apps that suggest meals for you based on your preferences, your allergies, what you currently have in your pantry, the time needed to prepare the meal and countless other directions.

Grocery lists can be created through a device that scans barcodes or accepts verbal additions to an app that keeps track of your list. If you don't want to physically leave the kitchen to shop, simply order your groceries online with a click of a button. You can then, without touching your smart oven, verbally instruct it to turn on to a certain temperature, while a GPS-type of system can read out recipe directions as you prep.

Not to be outdone, refrigerators are getting smarter too, with even more smart features on the way. For example, imagine a fridge with an actual screen on the front, complete with a built-in LCD tablet that keeps track of everything from grocery and to-do lists that sync to your phone, to your family's calendar, to recipes! Or how about a fridge with a panoramic camera inside that allows you to check out your fridge contents from your smart phone, from wherever you are? And of course, if you can now raise and lower your heating and air conditioning temperature from your phone, why not the temperature of your fridge and stove?

Your smart appliances allow you to be smarter with your time, before you even open your eyes for the day. Wake up and smell the coffee with your programmable coffee maker — some smart coffee makers even have Wi-Fi capabilities to allow you to adjust how strong you want your coffee.

So how about that busy smart phone of yours — is it time to cut the cord on it? You can, with a kitchen counter that works as a charging surface. Fewer cords around the home means a cleaner look, and fewer things to trip over or get yourself tied up in a knot about. Get a charge out of your kitchen by installing a smart counter top: simply set your compatible wireless appliances — smartphones, smart watches, smart tablets for example — on top of the charging countertop surface for some impressive and practical smart home technology!

Of course, you don't have to turn your kitchen into a full-blown, high-tech smart kitchen all at once. While the cost of connected kitchen devices has already dropped because of the growing popularity of kitchen staples like smart fridges and stoves, make sure you do your research and figure out which features making sense for your own budget and lifestyle.