Add Value With Fall Landscaping

As summer turns into fall, you may already be thinking ahead to your fall garden cleanup. Remember that fall landscaping can be just as attractive as summer garden designs, and can not only create added visual appeal for your home but also give you a healthy return on your investment when it comes to selling your property.

Before investing in fall foliage, it's important to first clean up your yard — trim back dead and dying branches from trees and bushes, and remove weeds, spent plants and unhealthy vegetation from the garden. Mow and edge the grass, consider aerating the soil and overseeding the lawn to ensure healthy spring growth.

The ideal landscape features a mix of shrubs — especially ones that promise bright leaves in the fall — plus perennials and annuals. Fall is often a good time to buy trees and shrubs on sale as nurseries need to clear their stock before the winter blows in, and luckily for you, early fall is also often the ideal time to put down those types of plants. While you're at it, add some cold-hearty mums to brighten up the garden and extend its visual appeal right through the dropping temperatures.

When it comes to landscaping, note that more isn't necessarily better, as too much formal landscaping may simply look like too much work and upkeep to the next owner.

Attractive landscaping increases curb appeal and perceived home value, and often results in a higher selling price than homes without landscaping features.