On the Road Again?

Close to 4 million Canadians move every year*, and in fact at this very moment there are thousands of households packing up, many of them getting ready to move their college-aged children away to school. If you haven't already booked a moving service for this busy time of year, be sure to do it now!

When looking for a moving company, remember that the lowest price may not necessarily be the best value. In fact, make sure everything is in writing and be wary of movers who waive the taxes, or who are willing to give you a "deal" if you pay them in cash. That being said, don't be afraid to negotiate the rate, or inquire as to seasonal specials. According to the Canadian Association of Movers, it can be less expensive to move between October and June, or at mid-month.

Check with your home insurance company to find out if your existing household policy provides any damage protection during your move, and if so what the deductible would be. Also ask the moving company for the cost of Replacement Value Protection. While you hope you won't need to make a claim for any damaged goods, it's better to discuss the cost of this protection up-front.

Speaking of claims, if you're moving because of work, don't forget to check with your accountant at tax time to find out if your moving expenses qualify for tax deductions; if your new home is at least 40 kilometres closer to a new job or business, you may be able to make a tax claim. Similarly, this tax break may apply to a full-time student moving to a new home at least 40 kilometres closer to their new school.

Please call today for more moving tips!

* http://newsroom.suntrust.com