Household Tip: Spring Into Spring Cleaning

Posted on Apr 17, 2019

Once the warmer spring weather arrives, we often feel the urge to declutter and clean our homes. While tackling the closets and regular cleaning jobs, don't forget to also pay attention to the following places.

The medicine cabinet. It's time to discard old and expired medicines, restock basic supplies and replace any old cosmetics.

Your home office...

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Spend More, Make More?

Posted on Apr 10, 2019

Planning to put your home on the market? Congratulations! It's time to start on a whole bunch of renovations to make it the most modern, desirable place on the street, right? Stop right there.

Before doing any kind of home improvement, consult with your real estate sales representative to get a feel for your local real estate environment and to get...

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Buyers Enjoy Increased Selection, Lower Prices

Posted on Apr 03, 2019

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports an increase in housing inventory and a decrease in home prices, resulting in positive conditions for buyers.

"For much of the past four years, we've been in a sellers' market. Conditions have shifted over the last 12 months to favour buyers, particularly in the detached home market," Phil Mo...

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Household Tip: Prepare a Storm Home Emergency Kit

Posted on Mar 27, 2019

You never know when a winter storm is going to blow through your region and knock out your power for a few hours, or even a few days. Here are some basics to include in your home emergency kit, to help weather the next blackout:

Flashlights and extra batteries
Warm blankets or sleeping bags
Fully-charged, portable charger for your cell phone
1 gallon o...

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Beat the Blahs: Fight With Light!

Posted on Mar 20, 2019

Got the March blahs? Here are some ways to fight back by brightening and lightening your home — and hopefully your winter mood too!

Whether you find yourself grumpy and lethargic during the long, cold winter or whether you legitimately suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression related to the season, there's no doub...

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Wintering a Canadian Move

Posted on Mar 13, 2019

Let's face it, our frosty Canadian winters aren't exactly ideal for physically moving from one house to another, but if this is when you're scheduled to go, you'll first want to take a minute to read these hot moving tips.

1. Contact the utility companies well beforehand to ensure the lights and heat will be on and functioning in your new house befo...

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